Q-Seal® Certified Stone Frequently Asked Questions


what grout is recommended for use with Q-Seal Certified Stone?
Any grout can be used with Q-Seal Certified Stone. To protect your installation it is suggested that a grout sealer or stain-resistant grout be used.

what if i get grout sealer on my tile?
Sealer that is allowed to dry can be carefully removed using rubbing alcohol and a soft rag or sponge. Rinse area clean with water and a sponge.

will Q-Seal Certified Stone allow for surface holes to be filled?
Q-Seal allows for grout to fill-in the holes on the Q-Seal Certified Stone surface. For tiles with a high concentration of holes to be filled-in, we recommend a stain resistant grout so that the entire tile surface is protected.

can i use Q-Seal Certified Stone in a steam shower?
Q-Seal Certified Stone can be used in all wet areas, including steam showers. Please refer to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) for specific installation guidelines for steam shower installations.

are there any special installation instructions?
Any fabricated surface treatment, such as a bullnosing, tumbling, chipping, etc. could remove Q-Seal from the tile surface. We recommend applying a conventional, enhancing sealer on the machined edge.


will q-seal wear off the stone?
Normal everyday wear and usage does not affect Q-Seal Certified Stone. TCNA independent testing shows Q-Seal Certified Stone is 20x more abrasion resistant than the leading ordinary sealer.

what is the coefficient of friction (cof) rating, both wet and dry?
TCNA independent testing shows Q-Seal Certified Stone has an average static COF of 0.77 dry and 0.82 wet.


care and maintenance

what cleaners can be used on Q-Seal Certified Stone?
Any non-abrasive liquid cleaner including Tilex®.

what products can harm or damage q-seal?
Q-Seal is chemical resistant, so special stone cleaners are not necessary. However, abrasive liquid and powder cleaners, abrasive implements such as steel wool, and commercial cleaning equipment should not be used on Q-Seal Certified Stone. Also, if drain or oven cleaner is spilled on Q-Seal Certified Stone, the affected areas should be cleaned soon after contact.

how do i remove stubborn stains if i get one?
Soak the area for 10 minutes using a non-abrasive liquid cleaner that contains bleach. Wipe clean. Repeat if necessary. Poultice-type cleaning methods can also be used for more diffcult stains.

what happens to my Q-Seal Certified Stone if it chips or flakes?
Surface scratches do not affect Q-Seal Certified Stone. In the event the stone chips or flakes, Q-Seal may be compromised in the affected area. You can protect that area with conventional stone sealer. Slate is the most susceptible to chipping or flaking.

are all sealers mold resistant?
No. Only Q-Seal features Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection. Ultra- Fresh is proven to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing mold. Visit www.Ultra-Fresh.com for more information.


is an enhanced finish the only finish available on Q-Seal Certified Stone?
Yes, at this time. Q-Seal deepens and highlights the natural coloration and beauty of the stone.

do i have to register my warranty?
No. However, registering will help protect your purchase, and in the event of a claim, improve your service experience. Please refer to www.Q-Seal.com for additional information.

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