Now You Can Have the Beauty of Natural Stone without the Extra Work.

Natural Stone is being used more and more to bring the beauty and serenity of nature into the home. With the trend toward green building and organic materials, it is only natural that the popularity of stone tiles would grow as well. With stone tile the design choices are limitless – you can go as luxurious and rich or as simple and rustic as you like.

However, while stone is versatile and beautiful, it also requires special care and maintenance to maintain its beauty. The most important step is to seal your stone to protect it from staining. Typically, experts recommend that you test the effectiveness of your sealer at least every year, sometimes twice a year, and reseal if necessary.


Also, most natural stone is vulnerable to damage from acids, so to protect your stone you must use special ph-neutral stone cleaners and take precautions to protect the stone from the many foods and beverages that contain acids.

Because of the extra work and special care needed to maintain the beauty of natural stone, it has not been used to its full potential. But that’s about to change. With Q-Seal you can have that unique, authentic beauty and use natural stone throughout your home – without extra work and special care.


“I’ve always loved natural stone because it looks beautiful in the home, but I’ve been wary of using it where it might stain. Q-SEAL is the ideal choice for my clients because now I can put stone tile anywhere in the house and not worry about it discoloring – even in the shower.”

Pam Durkin, interior designer and principal of New Line Design, Naples FL