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If you need to make a claim:
Q-Seal LLC must receive written notification of the alleged defect within thirty (30) days of discovery. Send claims and the documentation detailed below to: Q-Seal LLC, 92 Park Street, Rutland, VT 05701, Attention: Q-Seal Customer Service.

As a condition of this limited warranty, you must provide proof of purchase for materials and installation labor. Proof of purchase for materials is a valid receipt from the store and must show purchase date, name and address of store purchased from, name and item number of stone tile purchased, quantity of Q-Seal purchased and price paid for each purchase. Proof of purchase for installation labor is a valid receipt from the installation contractor and must show installation date, name and address of the installer, quantity of the stone tile installed, and price paid for installation of the stone tile. Proof of payment in full is also required.